Arc Flash Risk Assessment for UAE As Per NFPA 70E 2018

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System Studies

Detailed Engineering Studies For Arc Flash Risk Assessment for UAE

Data Collection

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Short Circuit Analysis

Short circuit studies will be conducted on the network to identify the front levels at each point in the system.

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Relay Coordination

Protection coordination will be conducted to identify the tripping and optimal.

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Equipment Evalution

System will be under equipment evaluation study and the failure connections will be determined.

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Arc Flash Risk Assessment

Arc Flash study will be conducted and instant energy value will be calculated.

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Printing & Pasting

Warning labels will be create as per NFPA 70E and will be printing & pasting on the respective panels.

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We provide Trunky Solutions

  • Data Collection
  • Networking Building
  • Load Studies
  • Short Circuit Studies
  • Relay Coordination Study
  • Arc Flash Study
  • Arc Flash Warning Label
  • Arc Flash boundaries & marks
  • Energized Work Permit
  • Arc Flash PPE supply

The Process We Follow

What is Arc Flash Risk Assessment for UAE?

United Arab Emirates is one of the countries with promising safety standards in the industries, hospitals, banking firms. Electrical energy is the common pedestal for all these companies. With the utilization of Electrical energy comes the possibility of faults like Short circuit Electrical Faults, Open circuit faults, overload circuit faults, Electrical surges and the like and their consequences along with the advantages and multiple applications of Electrical Energy. One of the faults of concern is the one that leads to Arc Flash between the conductors.

Arc Flash, a phenomenon that occurs in electrical networks under fault conditions. Electrical equipment and the electrical networks are prone to arc flash independent of the operating voltages, low, medium or high voltages. As known the fault in an electrical network results in heavy currents of the range of 10KA to 125KA flow within the network posing a high wreckage not only to the other electrical equipment but also to the working personnel. Thus the arc flash study and analysis conducted by arc flash companies like VB Engineering plays a pivotal role in the area of safety for the facilites.

What is Arc Flash Risk Assessment for UAE?

Being aware of the possibility of electrical faults leading to arc flash which is sometimes termed as Flash over caused between two conductors when there is a breakdown of the insulating ,material . The high amounts of currents are accompanied by high temperatures that melts and vaporizes the metal and causing an air gap between the conductors. The air gap under arc flash conditions is ionised and provides a conducting path and thus sustain the arc flash. The arc flash companies like VB Engineering need to formulate methods to assess the risk, analyse the proximity of the arc flash , protect the equipment and the operating personnel and finally to mitigate and prevent arc flash.

Arc flash study implements the requirements formulated above. The necessity of arc flash study is met by the available companies that offer their services in arc flash study. In United Arab Emirates , Abu Dhabi and Dubai show significant incidents in electrical systems where the arc flash risk assessment to be done for improving the safety standards. And as such attracts a diverse working class that may or may not include the operating personnel with good awareness and knowledge of the system of operation and the risk of faults that occur during the operation. This situation can be met by a systematic arc flash study executed by Arc flash study companies like VB Engineering in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Whom to choose for Arc Flash for UAE?

Arc flash study is carried out by arc flash companies like VB Engineering to identify hazards and incident Analysis, Arc Flash risk assessment that analyses arc flash energy levels, methods to calculate the incident energy and study by the implementation of arc flash analysis risks and suggest the required PPE as well as arc flash safety labels . The study is carried out based on the calculations and the guidelines proposed by IEEE-1584, NFPA 70E, OSHA 29 CFR 1910 as followed by the United Arab Emirates.

Our methodology

Industries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can avail the services provided by the arc flash companies like VB Engineering through arc flash consultancies that offer their services throughout United Arab Emirates. We as a arc flash company carry out the arc flash study according to the industry operating conditions and international standards NFPA 70E viz., low, medium or high voltages, enclosed or open air , 1-Phase,3-Phase or UPS and simulates the isolation of the faulty network through main protective devices. As a reputed arc flash analysis companies implementing the arc flash analysis program which automatically determines the operating distance, the minimum approachable distance without harming the electrical facility operators without the need to calculate the magnitude of the short circuit currents and the operating time of the protective devices. The arc flash assessment is carried out based on the operating voltage, the transient overvoltage conditions, the physical conditions where the electrical equipment is installed.

How much Arc Flash Risk Assessment for UAE cost?

Based on the arc flash study the arc flash companies prepare a report consisting of the detailed information of the on site assessment of the electrical network, the short circuit analysis data, the bolted fault current , installed protective devise equipment and thus recommend the necessary PPE alerts suggesting any extra PPE required, the arc flash hazard labels specifying the incident energy, operating distance, nominal system voltage, fault current that could be understood even by a nontechnical personnel operating the equipment.

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