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    BCP Busarello + Cott + Partner AG was founded in 1988 in Switzerland and is specialized in the field of power systems engineering. BCP is the developer and owner of the power system analysis tool NEPLAN and is one of the leading companies in the power system engineering software market. BCP is member of the international NEPLAN®-Consulting group, which has successfully carried out more than 2000 power system studies and consultancy work with NEPLAN®. NEPLAN® is a high-end power system analysis tool for applications in transmission, distribution, generation, industrial, renewable energy systems, Smart Grid application and is used in more than 90 countries. NEPLAN® is not only available for electrical networks, but offers state-of-the art analysis methods for gas, water and district heating as well.


Product Info

  • Principal CompanyABB
  • Latest Version5.5.3
  • ApplicationNetwork Analysis
  • OriginSwitzerland
  • URL Neplan

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