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Infrared Thermography

Project Description

  “Infrared thermography” is a process which senses infrared energy emitted from equipment, converts into temperature and gives the thermal image of the equipment. “Infrared” refers invisible radiant energy. “Thermography” refers method of analyzing heat or thermo coming out of a body. Infrared thermography services are provided by using Infrared thermal imaging cameras. The thermal imaging camera has a special lens which detects infrared light (heat) emitted by all objects. This focused light is scanned by a phased array of infrared detector elements. Through thermal imaging inspection, we can detect the amount of heat generating inside the panel then we can analyze the problems that are creating a menace to the technicians without getting into contact with the actual system. With the thermography services we can detect the faulty locations before happening, these thermography services in India are increasing day by day which results the positive output of increase in production.


Project Info

  • Standards FollowedASTM E1934-99A
  • Revision2014
  • ApplicationPredictive Maintenance
  • ServingGlobally
  • URL Infrared Thermography

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