Core Advantages


On-site data collection, overloaded assessment, earthpits evaluation, short circuit studies, protection coordination assessment, Arc Flash risk assessment, Hotspot verification, lightning protection assessment & more

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Software & Tools

Flir camera, megger, etap software, skm power software, Autocad

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Standards & Compliance


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electrical safety standards

Other Offerings

Arc Flash Audit

When any short circuit happens in an electrical network between two live conductors either by direct ...

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Energy Audit

Energy audit is considered as procedural inspection, evaluation, analysis of energy consumed by the equipment...

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Lightning Arrestor Audit

With the increase in Sensitive electrical equipment's in the workspace, the need for protection against ...

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Hazop Study

Every plant has to give top most priority to health and safety not just as a process but as a principle.

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Earthing Design

Electrical earthing system design in industries plays a vital role in protecting the equipment...

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Infrared Thermography

“Infrared thermography” is a process which senses infrared energy emitted from equipment...

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Process We Follow

Our team will visit the site and prepare and conduct a pre audit survey to understand the electrical installations and risk assessment requirements. A comprehensive electrical safety audit model customized for the facility be designed and discussed with the plant team. Our data collection team will visit the plant as per schedule collect the respective data required for various electrical risk assessments which will be a holistic part of electrical safety audit. The data collection team will simultaneously digitise the assets to enable tracking of the audit and mitigation progress. This is a very important step in the process of electrical safety audit as the assets and process digitization plays a vital role in the long run for electrical risk assessment and safety track. The entire electrical safety audit program also will involve people from the plant to ensure the correctness in gap identification and determination of the practically possible solution.

Electrical safety inspection services

The data collected and digitized by our on-site data collection team will be reviewed by our team of engineers to ensure the Quality of data. The data accuracy plays a important role in electrical safety gaps identification so we get the ground data verified thoroughly. The data verified will be submitted to the power system studies team and electrical safety audit team. The data will be prepared for a electrical digital twin model. Our expert power system studies team will perform cables overload assessment, demand load analysis, short circuit analysis, relay coordination studies and protection assessment, Arc Flash risk assessment, safe boundaries calculations, electrical personnel protective equipment determination, Arc Flash boundary calculation, shock boundary calculation, incident energy calculation, lightning protection study, earthpits evaluation infrared thermal inspection and hot spots analysis, visual inspection and hazardous area classification compliance. The detailed electrical safety audit will be performed to identify the gaps.

The gaps identified in the electrical safety audit will be documented and results will be tabulated with respect to risk categories for easy understanding of the plant people. The electrical risk mitigation for the gaps and electrical hazards identified during the electrical safety audit will be submitted along with the BOQ to client for immediate action. Detailed electrical safety and risk management training will be conducted to the technicians and other stakeholders. A detailed electrical safety program will be prepared to address the electrical safety requirements as per the standards. Post audit on demand visit will be done by our electrical safety audit team to understand the action taken on the audit report and reevaluate the electrical hazards and assess the electrical risks.

More Features

 arc flash hazard

Electrical Safety Audit is a scientific way to deal with electrical hazards and assess potential dangers and to prescribe proposals for development of a safe working environment. ESA is a vital program for identifying electrical hazards, dangers, risks and potential mishaps in an Office, Facility or Plant for deciding essential activity to/limit risks and for guaranteeing that the entire security exertion is viable and significant.

electrical-safety-audit-consultant We at VB Engineering provide a complete range of Electrical safety Audit Services with best reference of standards and guidelines adopted across the world. We perform safety audit based on the electrical safety standards like Nation Fire and Safety Association (NFPA-70E), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and National Electrical Installation (NEC) Standards.

EHS Safety auditing program can be classified into 3 major areas namely:

Pre-Audit Survey


Post-Audit Survey

Scope of work:

Physical examination to distinguish electrical risks and to recommend electrical security arrangements
Confirmation of statutory consistence as for Central Electricity Authority and international electrical safety rules
Survey of plant for lightning protecting adequacy and design
Survey of static electricity and relevant hazards in the plant premises
Work permits, lockout tag out, interlocks audit and verification
Basic electrical safety and behavioral safety in the the organization
Any other required electrical risk assessments as per plant applicability