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Relay Coordination

Project Description

    Protection is always a serious concern in the industrial environment. The action of the relays and protective devices play an important role in running the industries in healthy and safe condition. Relay coordination studies are performed to ensure safety operation of the system and to avoid the nuisance tripping. The cause for this nuisance tripping is changing the protective devices and their settings at the time of maintenance without performing proper analysis. In relay protection coordination services examining the coordination between the protective devices with the help of time current characteristics (TCC) from the lower stream to the upper stream and the short circuit values at the particular feeder. These short circuit values are calculated from power system studies. The values calculated will be used for determination of the relay and protective device settings to ensure proper and safe operation of the system. our services include building the network data(SLD), calculating the fault currents, performing protection coordination and implementing the values in the system.


Project Info

  • Principal CompanyNFPa 90E
  • Latest Version2015
  • ApplicationSafety
  • PlaceGlobally
  • URL Relay Coordination

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