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Arc flash Analysis

In an electrical network, if any two live conductors are involved in short circuit directly or indirectly, there we can see the fault, this kind of fault will generate the electric arc flash called as electric arc flash.Read More


Infrared Thermography

IR Thermography Inspection is a process, which senses infrared energy emitted from equipment then converts to temperature and device produces the thermal image of the equipment. “Infrared” refers invisible radiant energy. Read More


Solar Power Plants

Solar energy is one that is available in abundant level and it is the major source after conventional sources. Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) System will capture the solar energy and convert it into electrical energy. Read More

Manufacturing Simulation

Manufacture Simulation

Planning, designing and modelling of a manufacturing system by simulation before the real time implementation is the present day trend. Design and Modelling will give more advantage in terms of money, production, effective resources usage. Read More

Lightning Arrestor Earthing System


ECA 3g digital grounding system is known for providing protection to advanced networked electronic IT based systems since 1999.Eca3g provides total lightning protection solution pursuing 100% perfect protection. Read More


Short Circuit Studies

Short circuit analysis is performed so that existing and new equipment ratings were sufficient to with stand the available short circuit current. This short circuit analysis can be done either through hand calculations / through NEPLAN. Read More


Arc Flash Safety

A dangerous condition associated with release of energy caused by an Electric Arc. An Arc Flash Hazard Analysis starts with gathering up-to-date equipment information, then performing a detailed analysis. Read More


Arc Flash PPE

Arc Flash Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is highly recommended to use after completion of arc flash services to the facility only by the skilled arc flash service engineers. These PPE's are suggested at every individual panel. Read More


Neplan Software

BCP is the developer and owner of the power system analysis tool NEPLAN and is one of the leading companies in the power system engineering software market. Read More


Elecworks Software

Elecworks is a powerful new generation software tool, that enables electrical designers and automation experts to create automation and electrical installation projects. Read More


Bluesol Software

BlueSol Design 2013 is a professional tool for the Design of photovoltaic systems. BlueSol Design is proposed as a product for professionals looking for a simple and comprehensive way to solve their Design problems. Read More


Edgecam Software

Edgecam is a market leading computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system for NC part programming.With unparalleled ease of use and sophisticated toolpath generation,it’s the only CAM system you’ll need for milling, turning and mill-turn machining. Read More


Earthing Design

Electrical earthing system design in industries plays a vital role in protecting the equipment and workmen from damage. We need to determine the number of layers by conducting a proper soil resistivity test for proper design of earthing. Read More


Harmonic Analysis

Harmonic distortions are one of the most common and irritating problems in industrial environment. We need to identify the source of harmonics and suppress them for a quality supply of power. Read More


Relay Coordination

Protection is always a serious concern in the industrial environment. The action of the relays and protective devices play an important role in running the industries in healthy and safe condition. Read More


VB Academy

VB Academy is a training center for the engineering graduates to enhance their technical and interpersonal skills as per the industrial requirements to get their employment in MNC.Read More


Flexsim Software

FlexSim is a discrete event manufacturing simulation software developed by FlexSim Software Products, Inc. The FlexSim family currently includes the basic FlexSim simulation software and FlexSim Healthcare Simulation (FlexSim HC). Read More


Arc Flash Hazards

Definitely the impacts of arc flash accidents are very severe. We generally see the impacts like serious injuries and medical costs, serious burns or even death, equipment damage and repair cost, switchgear replacement, production loss and OSHA Fines. Read More



Frequently Asked Questions ar listed below for your kind reference. FAQs are mainly on Arcflash Analysis, Relay coordination studies, Cad drawings preparation, Solar pv system design consultancy, Flexsim and Bluesol etc.Read More



In any electrical network if phases or ground breakdown takes place, we should noted as the electrical arcflash forming chances will be there at any time. Electric Arcflash will releases the huge amount of fire energy and fire accident will takes places.Read More


Arcflash - NFPA

NFPA 70E, titled Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, is a standard of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The document covers electrical safety requirements for employees.Read More


About Us - VBE

VB Engineering defines, designs and delivers technology-enabled business solutions for the companies. We provide a complete range of services by leveraging our domain and business expertise. Read More


Blog - VBE

We are pioneers in providing the services like arc flash analysis, harmonic analysis, lean manufacturing design and various other engineering system studies in India and abroad. Read More


Protective Coordination study

Relay coordination is used to achieve proper fault identification and fault clearance sequence. These relays must be able to differentiate between the normal operating currents Read More


Arc Flash study

What is an arc flash study or Arc Flash Risk Assessment ? This is the question on every safety engineers mind when they come across OSHA and NFPA 70E requirements.
Read More