Product Description

  ECA 3g digital grounding system is known for providing protection to advanced networked electronic IT based systems since 1999.Eca3g provides total lightning protection solution pursuing 100% perfect protection, and has implemented remarkable successful performances with 99.88% protection rate for 16years. Eca3g is know for its services to National Security Facilities. Eca3G will also concentrate on other possibilities through which surges can form like Lightning, the most destructive of all. Lightning surge occurs nowadays very frequently throughout the world due to global warming. Also, the world is technologically advanced but, equipment like computers are very less capable of dealing with lightning surges etc., eca3G is one of the best equipments that deals with such disturbances. It acts as a surge protector or surge suppressor for the system and eliminates the surge without the use of ground rod. So, Eca3G is also applicable to those equipment which are mobile in nature.


Product Info

  • Principal CompanyECA3G
  • Latest VersionLM 3P
  • ApplicationLightning Arrester
  • OriginKorea

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