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   Solar energy is one that is available in abundant level and it is the major source of energy after conventional sources. In order to convert this energy to electrical power, we need a photo voltaic system, which is generally known as Solar PV system. This solar PV system will capture the solar energy and convert it into electrical energy. But, this solar PV system is to be designed properly in order to capture more solar energy and convert into electrical energy. So, there is a need of Solar PV system design which is done by professionals like us. Now a days, solar power plants are increasing rapidly in capacity and for such large systems proper and optimal designing is must. We at VB Engineering provide PV system consultancy services like SPV power plant design, 3D Modeling of solar Plants, Return on Investment analysis etc., We use BLUESOL as a medium for designing SPV power plants which is having features like ROI, 3D modeling and more. PV solar power plant design requirement in INDIA is increasing day by day as more PV solar power plants are planned for installation.


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