Arc Flash PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Arc Flash Personal Protective Equipment Description

Arc Flash PPE is highly recommended to use after completion of arc flash services to the facility only by the skilled arc flash service engineers. These personal protective equipments are suggested at every individual panel based on the incident energy emits when any fault happens to safeguard the workmen from serious injury or death. Arc Flash Safety PPE is completely different from industrial personal protective equipments. Generally in industries PPE are used at the work location to protect from the mishaps happen in the site. They protect from the civil works, mechanical works, electrical shocks etc. But the electrical arc flash personal protective equipment are to be used only with the guidance of respective related maintenance engineer. VB Engineering Hyderabad supplies the Arc Flash Electrical Safety Products of Salisbury by Honeywell which is a leading company in supply of PPE that comply with ASTM requirements and OSHA regulations.


Product Info

  • Principal CompanyHoney Well
  • Latest VersionSalisbury
  • ApplicationPPE
  • OriginUSA
  • URL Arc Flash PPE

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