Core Advantages


Onsite data collection, digitization. Data Verification and updation, Preparation of the SLD. The one line electrical drawing prepared will be digitized in CAD software and submitted for the client review.

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Software & Tools

The data collection and digitization are done using VB Tantra mobile app. We adopt AutoCAD, ETAP, PTW as per client’s choice for digitizing the collected data.

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Standards & Compliance

We provide the service of SLD preparation in compliance with IEEE 315,IEC, ANSI standards as applicable.

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sld presentation

Other Offerings

Load Flow Studies

Conducting load flow studies is an important requirement for the operations. The load flow analysis is an important part of the power system ....

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Short Circuit Studies

Short circuit study is the process of analyzing an electrical system to determine the magnitude of fault currents that flows during ...

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Protective Device Coordination

Protective device coordination is the very important part of design for a electrical network as a part of Power system .....

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Arc Flash Risk Assessment

VB, is a leader and arc flash risk assessment partner for more than 500 global industries. Electrical arc flash is an electrical hazard present ...

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Arc Flash PPE

Arc flash PPE is arc rated personal protective equipment worn by workers performing maintenance on energized equipment as well as ....

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Harmonic Analysis

Harmonic analysis is the process of identifying the harmonic distortions that occur in the electrical distribution system. VB provides turnkey ...

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Process We Follow

Site visit and Data collection

Our dedicated electrical team will attend the facility as per schedule.They will collect the required data panel wise i.e., incoming service voltage, equipment rated current, bus voltages, cable sizes, breaker details, transformer ratings etc. Along with their images for reference and digitize the data to make accessible to the back-end team simultaneously.This can be done with our VB Tantra mobile app from source side to load side.

Collecting and comparing existing drawings

single line drawings

After collecting the required data from client with our VB Tantra mobile app, our back-office team will coordinate with data collecting team, and compare the collected data with images captured, and it undergoes multilevel scrutiny. If found any discrepancy, they will revert the same to the data collecting team for modifications as per client requirement.Once all the data collected is as per ground reality, they model the data by applying colour codes for different segments and compare these modelled SLDs with existing drawings in electrical simulation softwares ETAP/SKM PTW. Here we can separate the information into voltage, amperage, and impedance to give detailing of each equipment.

Updating and preparing new drawings

Once SLD verification is completed by client, if any modifications are required in the prepared drawings, our team will update as per the client’s requirement. Electrical symbology is as per international standards.We deliver the detailed SLD consisting of equipment data along with its parameters. The SLD is also have the details of preparation and approving authority along with date of approvals including the legend.

More Features

electrical cad drawing

The one line diagram is the blueprint for electrical systems. It is the first step in preparing an analytical response plan, allowing you to become thoroughly confidential with the electrical distribution system layout and design in your plant.

To make all the changes documented in a single file, making the electrical system user-friendly for any technical person inside/outside of the factory. An up-to-date single-line diagram is important for a variety of service activities including.

  • Site visit and data collection
  • Collecting and comparing existing drawings
  • Updation and preparation of new drawings
  • Panel wise drawing preparation as per international standards