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GIS Services

Availability of accurate GIS-based distribution network map showing the geo-coordinates and network configuration is an important prerequisite for Power system analysis, planning & optimization. VB Engineering understands exactly how the rapidly evolving power sector is impacting the business processes and methodology of power utilities. We assist our clients and solve the issues that range from responding to consolidation, to building a competitive advantage, providing effective customer service, providing business quality assessments in remote geographical locations.

GIS Services


Asset Mapping

VB Engineering, with its vast expertise in the Engineering & Geospatial services, has recognized the importance of the value added services to utilities. VB Engineering with its high skilled domain experts combined with the expertise in RS/GIS Technologies has developed GIS applications for Power, Telecom, Water and Gas. 1.1. Data Collection 1.2. Survey and Mapping 1.3. GIS Implementations 1.4. GPS Data Collection 1.5. GPR Applications