Arc Flash Hazards

A dangerous condition associated with release of energy caused by an Electric Arc. An Arc Flash Hazard Analysis starts with gathering up-to-date equipment information, then performing a detailed analysis comprised of a load-flow study, short circuit study, and protective device coordination study as well as an equipment evaluation to determine that the current withstand rating is acceptable. An arc flash analysis is crucial for personnel safety in an industrial manufacturing plant. Electrical arc flash and shock hazards have been recognized as particularly dangerous and fairly frequent occurrences that put the lives and health of electrical workers at significant risk. Statistics indicate that based on hospitalization records, arc flash accidents that involve a fatality or serious injury to an employee occur frequently in India. Those incidents most often occur when personnel are required (or choose) to work on electrical equipment while it is in an electrically energized condition. So, there is a greater importance for arc flash auditing in India. An arc flash audit is done by considering electrical equipment parameters. We are the one who does arc flash audit for electrical safety equipment in India. We are electrical engineering consultants for arc flash analysis. We perform arc flash audit with NFPA 70E standards. We are the electrical engineering consultants providing safety studies, design solutions for companies. Through an arc flash safety analysis, skilled engineers can offer alternatives to help your organization become more aware of possibilities to reduce your employees' exposure to arc flash energy. We can help you by, Providing integrated short circuit, time current coordination, equipment, arc flash evaluation and arc flash labels, and by Providing arc flash hazard analysis for flash protection and approach boundaries, and by Providing critical arc flash hazard training for your internal team.


What is Arc Flash Analysis

A study investigating a worker’s potential exposure conducted for the purpose of injury prevention and the determination of safe work practices and appropriate levels of PPE. We at VB Engineering follow NFPA70E regulations for arc flash analysis and we are pioneers in it. We use multiple methods and all our engineers follow IEEE 1584 guidelines which set the standards for arc flash studies. We use Standard Tools, and other software packages to give you the best, most usable results. VB Engineering is one of the reputed engineering consultancies which provides solutions for industries of electrical and mechanical sectors. We provide safety training, hazard analysis etc.. Electrical Hazard analysis include load flow, short circuit, harmonic, contingency analysis. We also do protective device coordination. We provide best solutions for industries through our expertise. We leverage our creativity to provide practical solutions to difficult challenges. There are many methods of arc flash protections. This include PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) or modifying the design and configuration of electrical equipment. There have been many companies that offer arc flash protective equipment. The materials are tested for their arc rating. The arc rating is the maximum incident energy resistance demonstrated by a material prior to breaking open (a hole in the material) or necessary to pass through and cause with 50% probability a second or third degree burn.


Impact of Electric Arcs

Definitely the impacts of arc flash accidents are very severe. We generally see the impacts like serious injuries and medical costs, serious burns or even death, equipment damage and repair cost, switchgear replacement, production loss and OSHA Fines. Three key factors determine the intensity of an arc flash on personnel. These factors are the quantity of fault current available in a system, the time taken for successful short circuit interruption, and the distance an individual is from a fault arc. Various design and equipment configuration choices can be made to affect these factors and in turn reduce the arc flash hazard. To prevent arc flash hazards, there are certain equipment called Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters which are designed to prevent fires by detecting an unintended electric arc and disconnecting the power before the arc starts a fire. Conventional circuit breakers only respond to overloads and short circuits. So they do not protect against arcing conditions that produce erratic, and often reduced current. An Arc Flash Circuit Interrupter is selective so that normal arcs do not cause it to trip. The Arc Flash Circuit Interrupter circuitry continuously monitors the current and discriminates between normal and unwanted arcing conditions. Once an unwanted arcing condition is detected, the Arc Flash Circuit Interrupter opens its internal contacts, thus de-energizing the circuit and reducing the potential for a fire to occur. An Arc Flash Circuit Interrupter should not trip during normal arcing conditions, which can occur when a switch is opened or a plug is pulled from a receptacle, or a device with a brush-type motor is in operation. We at VB Engineering are pioneers in detailed engineering consultancy. VB Engineering provides appropriate solutions in design, analysis in both disciplines.

Arc Flash Hazards Services

Arc Flash Hazard Studies

Arc Flash Hazard Studies comprises of load-flow study, short circuit study, protective device coordination study and arc flash risk assessment study. We also perform equipment evaluation study to determine acceptable withstand ratings. Performing arc flash risk assessment services and pasting the up-to-date warning labels on equipment will ensure the safety to the working people

Arc Flash consultants for commercial, complex Electrical fire accidents

Arc Flash accidents and electrical fire accidents in commercial complex can be prevented by performing arc flash studies by following the standards from NFPA, OSHA, IEEE.

Arc Flash Consultancy

NFPA 70E provides the guidance and tables required for electrical safety and fire protection system. IEEE 1584 provides formulae and algorithm for engineers in determining the arc flash Hazard boundary and incident energy. Industrial safety training is a prerequisite for the employees in any company .We at VB Engineering provide safety training for industries regarding the safety of employees working at energized equipment .In addition employees are also trained on usage of Personal Protective Equipment designed to protect against workplace hazards. In some situations the only available protection for employees will be PPE and often in emergencies, PPE will be required for the safety of the workers. All employees will be trained on usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).